INGOT Switzerland is a Swiss-based company that aims to pave the path to an all-inclusive ecosystem that bridges the currently existing financial markets with the modern-day emerging markets. A major element of the company is the Academy which focuses on professional training and promoting of quality education on emerging technologies.


INGOT's Academy is part of our continuous efforts to provide up-to-date blockchain knowledge and a customized learning framework to the public and interested bodies in order to explore the opportunities of this complex, certainly needed technology.


The Academy serves as a professional training and certification body that specializes in technology with an emphasis on Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology “DLT” implementation and use cases in modern day organizations and institutions. The academy provides different levels of courses for both technical and non-technical departments that are provided by lecturers and workshops both online and offline, as well as custom programs for organizations from different industries.


Our mission is to grant the most powerful trading technology combined with strong compliance, competitive services, and dependable customer service. It is our goal to support the dissemination of high-quality information and nurture cultural changes in business models to enable companies to embrace and benefit from blockchain technology.